Call for Papers

Please note that at least one of the authors of the accepted paper is required to present at the Symposium.


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  • Notification of Acceptance

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Shaping Competencies for the Future : Practice-Oriented Education in the 21st Century

The Symposium will accept papers on a wide array of topics. They include:

(1) Teaching & Learning to Shape Competencies for the Future

  • Approaches e.g. PBL, Project-based Learning, Design Thinking
  • Education Models and Philosophy
  • Active Learning Strategies

(2) Harnessing ICT to Shape Competencies for the Future

  • Use of Learning Technologies e.g. Learning Management Systems, Learning Analytics, E-exam systems
  • Web 2.0 tools and platforms e.g. Google apps for education
  • Mobile learning technology e.g. learning apps
  • Interactive digital media e.g. 2D/3D animation and learning objects, online games

(3) Collaborations in Education to Shape Competencies for the Future

  • Across subject domains
  • Across institutions locally & globally
  • With industry partners
  • With community partners

(4) Learning Spaces that Shape Competencies for the Future

  • Immersive learning environment e.g. Virtual reality, Augmented reality , Courseware environments
  • Design of innovative learning spaces e.g. non-conventional classrooms, smart learning spaces, remote access laboratories